Digital Media

For Students


Peer Mentoring and Tutoring

We in Digital Media recognize that students will at times encounter challenges with their course work. One of the fantastic aspects of the program is that there is such a great deal of support available. First and foremost go to class, ask questions, do not leave your work until that last minute, talk to your professors,talk to your TAs, talk to your peers, form study groups...

The Office of Advising and Integrated Student Services (OAISS) in the Faculty of Fine Arts proivdes undergraduate advising, resources, workshops and information.

Here are some ways to get help from other students:

Organized by FASAM (Fine Arts Student Ambassador & Mentoring)

Fine Arts Digital Media FASAMs are available Thursdays in ACW 102 from 1-4.

Bethune College

Bethune College offers peer tutoring for some Lassonde and Science courses including EECS 1030. 

Digital Media Students Association

DMSA is in the process of electing a Director of Education. Stay tuned.

If you are having issues that you can't resolve, talk to someone. Do not go it alone! Take advantage of one of the above resourses or contact Don Sinclair, FFA DM Coordinator (